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Worst Performing Premier League Players

The Premier League is widely considered the best football league in the world and there have been tremendous performances so far this season but there have also been some players on poor form. After analyzing the statistics from the league at the midway point, I have selected five players that I feel have performed the worst given the number of opportunities given to them. Players with less than five appearances are not included in this list of players.

5. Ciaran Clark - Newcastle United

Newcastle United have conceded 42 goals so far this season and they find themselves in 19th place in the Premier League during the winter break. The club is under new management and has the transfer money available to invest in new players during this window and Ciaran Clark might see his opportunity as a Premier League starter fall away. The 32 year old defender has made 12 appearances this season with a poor 6.24 player rating and one red card.

4. Ozan Tufan - Watford

Watford are fighting for position in a tough relegation battle as the currently sit in 17th place with a 4-1-13 record and just two points clear of relegation. Ozan Tufan is currently on loan from Turkish club Fenerbahce and the 26 year old has been a disappointment in the midfield with 7 appearances and a 6.06 player rating with zero contributions. Last season in the Turkish League with Fenerbahce he had 6 goals and 10 assists in 37 league games. Watford added Ozan Tufan to the club in the hope of some creativity and excitement into the midfield but he hasn't lived up to expectations.

3. Todd Cantwell - Norwich City

One of the many stories from the Norwich City camp this season has been the underperforming youth players such as Todd Cantwell. The 23 year old has appeared in 8 games so far this season with a 6.23 player rating with zero contributions and Cantwell has had trouble with players and management off the pitch. He was solid in the Championship last season with 6 goals and 7 assists in 33 league games. Todd Cantwell currently has a market value at 22 million based on transfermarkt and there have been a lot of rumors during this window of Cantwell earning a new opportunity at another club. I think Cantwell still has the talent but he needs a new club and new environment if he hopes to reach his potential.

2. Fabio Silva - Wolverhampton

This isn't entirely the fault of Fabio Silva as the 19 year old Portugese forward hasn't been given many opportunities with only 9 appearances off the bench this season with zero contributions and a 6.1 player rating. Last season he had 4 goals and 3 assists in 32 appearances for Wolves. Fabio Silva finds himself on this list because Wolverhampton spend 44 million dollars in 2020 for the forward and they really haven't utilized him during the past two seasons. Wolves are also one of the worst performing offensive clubs in the Premier League and it's shocking that they haven't even tried giving Fabio Silva a bigger opportunity to prove himself.

1.Josh Sargent - Norwich City

The most frustrating player in the Premier League in my humble opinion this season has been Josh Sargent. The 21 year old American forward was brought over to the club this season from Werder Bremen for a 10.45 million dollar fee and he has been a tremendous disappointment. In 17 league games so far this season he has zero contributions and a 6.18 player rating. I follow the Bundesliga fairly well and Werder Bremen have always been one of my favorite teams but Josh Sargent I feel like has always underperformed and Norwich City made a poor signing with the addition of Sargent. He has been given plenty of opportunities but he hasn't really done anything of significance this season and I think Norwich needs to look in other directions offensively if they hope to avoid relegation.

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